things i have to do

1. update the blog
2. print out sis' grad announcements
3. watch more TCM
4. sew the crap out of some calendars
5. unpack


change is hard

hello old friends.

now that all the finals shenanigans are over and done with (for the most part), i can finally get back to posting on here. and don't think that i haven't been thinking of all the posting time i'm gonna have now. i've been bookmarking possible post-topics this whole time.

i'm enjoying my first half-day of freedom, so posting should be back tomorrow. unless the heating/cooling guys working on the apt stay longer than intended.





things i'm happy about:

joe colombo has been approved and will be sent to the presses today
'assault of sound' was approved with tiny edits and will go to press today (thanks K and S!)
i have an awesome cover ready to be produced for my calendar
i just got 7.5 hours of sleep
in the middle of watching 2 hours of west wing and dulé hill